auto accident lawyers in chicago

auto accident lawyers in chicago

Your choice of a Chicago auto accident lawyer is significant. It is crucial that you assess the lawyer’s or law firm’s experience and success rate.

As trial lawyers, we take a thorough approach to every matter involving a motor vehicle collision. We approach each case as though a trial was imminent.

While many lawyers choose to stay out of court, our vehicle accident attorneys are certain, competent, and ready to prepare injury cases for civil trial.

The “other side” sits up and takes notice because of this strategy and our track record of obtaining high-value settlements and verdicts; insurance companies know we mean business.

If you were hurt in an automobile accident in Chicago, you might still have questions.

Questions about who caused your accident and if it might have been avoided can stress and worry you and your family out unnecessarily after your injuries have been evaluated and you start the process of receiving medical treatment.

Financial hardships brought on by medical expenses and income loss can become so severe that you start to doubt your ability to recover at all.

auto accident lawyers in chicago

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    Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago

    Because they are only human, drivers may behave negligently when operating a vehicle, which commonly results in collisions.

    Another frequent factor in car accidents is the weather; many new drivers in Chicago are unaccustomed to driving in icy and snowy conditions and don’t always make the best choices when operating a vehicle.

    Due to the average speed limit in Chicago being 30 mph, speeding is another frequent reason for accidents.

    Cars frequently exceed the posted speed limit, and by failing to stop in time at many stop signs and lights, they put themselves and other drivers at danger of collisions.

    Despite Chicago’s abundance of public transportation choices, drunk driving remains a common cause of accidents.

    Even though Illinois has strict rules against driving while intoxicated, some people nevertheless opt to drive after drinking rather than calling a cab.

    Common chicago car accidents injuries

    Car accidents frequently result in a variety of injuries.

    From minor scrapes and bruises to severe, catastrophic injuries like paralysis or death, they can range in severity.

    Collision victims may sustain injuries to the head, including concussions or traumatic brain injuries, as well as to the neck and spine, including whiplash or disc bulges or herniations.

    No region of the body is immune from injury in a car accident.

    Psychological harm and mental discomfort are common among car accident victims, and they can be just as painful and incapacitating as a broken bone.

    Types of vehicle collisions:

    There are numerous more types of auto accident cases in addition to the traditional fender-benders or rear-enders that we see every day on expressways like the Edens and Dan Ryan.

    These could involve claims that faulty components, such as brakes or tyres with poor tread, malfunctioned at the time of a collision, or even that your SUV flipped over.

    The government or a government contractor could be sued for the improper design of a road, for failing to promptly remove debris from the road, or for the improper design of the roadway itself.

    Why seek an Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago?

    The truth is that a Chicago automobile accident lawyer can offer a range of services designed to help you and your family recover the most money possible following a collision. Among these services are:

    • consulting with professionals in a range of fields, such as those who specialise in life care planning, mechanical engineering, and accident reconstruction.
    • ensuring you receive the money required to cover all of your medical costs and move on with your life with financial security. This includes any health care or other liens connected to your recovery.
    • ensuring that all paperwork is submitted on time.
    • making a strong legal argument on your side in court.

    auto accident lawyers in chicago

    What to do after a car accident?

    The hours and days that follow a sudden auto accident can be perplexing and distressing.

    You might be unsure of what else you need to do as you deal with doctors, pain, and other consequences of your injuries.

    The simplest course of action in this circumstance is to ask for advice and assistance from a qualified auto accident attorney from a reputable Chicago, Illinois, personal injury law firm.

    This keeps you from speculating and places your future in the hands of a qualified person who has previously assisted many people in your circumstances.

    Seeking prompt medical attention after a car accident is arguably the most crucial thing you should do.

    Following a collision, many injuries are not immediately apparent, so you should get checked out as soon as you can just to be safe.

    After a stressful occurrence, you could experience confusion and disorientation and think that this is “normal.”

    In actuality, a traumatic brain injury may be present in you and necessitate professional diagnosis and treatment.

    When your health has sufficiently recovered, you should look for competent legal counsel from a car accident attorney you can rely on.

    Never put it off since the appropriate attorney can help you assess whether you need to take any more measures to safeguard your rights.

    How long does it take to file a lawsuit after a car accident in Chicago?

    It takes time to pursue justice through the civil court system.

    Despite the fact that drivers in Illinois are required to carry auto insurance, some injuries cause damages that are more than the policies’ maximums.

    An in-depth analysis of the facts is required to estimate the amount of time needed to resolve your case.

    Even while many vehicle accident cases can be resolved outside of court, the process can take a while, especially where there have been significant or fatal injuries.

    We kindly request that you get in touch with our Chicago automobile accident attorneys very away so that we can examine the specifics and set up a reasonable timeframe for your lawsuit.

    You may be sure that our litigators will move your case along and not give in to an insurance company’s requests for a delay.

    Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago,

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