Books And Authors

Books And Authors (Himachal Pradesh)

(01) ‘Bilaspur past, present and future’ written by?

Ans:  Raja Anand Chand

(02) ‘Shimla the glory of the past’ written by?

Ans: Lt. George Francis

(03) ‘History and culture of Himalayan states’ written by?

Ans:  S.S Charak

(04) ‘Kinner Desh’ written by?

Ans: Rahul Sanskritiyanan

(05) ‘Antiques Of Tibet’ Written by?

Ans: A Franke

(06) ‘Western Himalayan Mai Meri Yaatrayein’ Written by?

Ans:  M.S. Randhawa

(07) ‘History Of Mandi State’ Written by?

Ans: Manmohan Singh

(08) ‘Ladakh or Western Himachal Ki Rajniti’ Written by?

Ans: C.L Datta

(09) ‘Himachal Lok Kala’ written by?

Ans: O.C Handa

(10) ‘Arki Ki Gorkha Vijay’ Written by?

Ans: U.S Parmar

(11) ‘Tawarikh Jubbal’, Kohistani, Shimla Written by?

Ans: Bhagwan Dass

(12) ‘Tarikh-e-Riyasat Sirmaur’ Written by?

Ans: रजोर सिंह

(13) ‘kirat bhrm boddh granth’ Written by?

Ans: Ganesh Singh Bedi

(14) ‘Bilaspur Ki Kahani’ written by?

Ans: Achhar Singh

(15) ‘Khetoan Ke Vegyanik’ written by?

Ans: Dr. Mahendra Mathup

(16) Author Of ‘Turning Point’?

Ans: Narinder Parmar

(17) ‘Himalayan Polyandry’ written by?

Ans: D.N. Majumdar

(18) ‘Himalaya-parichya’ written by?

Ans: Rahul Sanskritiyanan

(19) ‘Himalayan Abode of light’ written by?

Ans:  Nicholas Roerich

(20) ‘History of Punjab hill state’ written by?

Ans:  J. Hchison & Vogel

Books And Authors (Himachal Pradesh) 

(21) ‘Himalayan District of Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti’ written by?

Ans:   A.P.F Harcourt

(22) ‘Himalayan Art’ written by?

Ans: J.C. Frank

(23) ‘Buddhist monastery in Himachal Pradesh’ written by?

Ans: O.C Handa

(24) ‘Pahari Chitrkala’ and ‘Himachal Ke Mandir’ both are written by?

Ans: Kishori Lal Vaidya

(25) ‘Himachal Pradesh its shape and state’ written by??

Ans: Y.S. Parmar

(26) ‘Polyandry in Himalayas’ written by?

Ans: Y.S. Parmar

(27) ‘Dharti Hai Balidan ki’, ‘Pahad Begane Nahi Honge’, ‘Himalaya per Lal Chaya’, ‘Mrigtrishna’, ‘Lazo’ and ‘Rajniti ki Shatranj’ all books are written by?

Ans: Shanta Kumar

(28) ‘Kulut Desh Ki Kahani’ written by?

Ans: Lal Chand Prarthi

(29) ‘Prachin Himachal’ written by?

Ans: L.P. Pandey

(30) ‘Muktsar tarikh-a- Riyasat Chamba’ written by?

Ans: Garib Khan

(31) ‘Travel in the Himachal province of Hindustan’ written by?

Ans: Moorcroft

(32) ‘The wonderland Himachal Pradesh’  written by?

Ans:  Jagmohan Balokhra

(33) ‘Chamba paintings’ written by?

Ans:  V.C. Ohri

(34) “Trigart” written by?

Ans: Vinod Himachali

(35) ‘Shimla Past and Present’ written by?

Ans: E.J. Bak

(36) ‘Himachal Pradesh ka Itihas aur Paramparayen’ written by?

Ans: Dr. B. L. Kapoor

(37) ‘Tawarikh-e- Riyasat Hindur’ written by?

Ans: Balak Ram Sood

(38) ‘Himalayan painting’ written by?

Ans: B.N. Datar


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