fifa world cup 2022

fifa world cup 2022

The biggest football event in history, the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has begun. The performers enthralled thousands of spectators during the opening ceremony. Watching BTS band member Jungkook perform was worthwhile. The tournament’s first game features hosts Qatar taking against Ecuador following the opening ceremony.

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    fifa world cup 2022
    fifa 2022

    fifa 2022

    The FIFA World Cup’s opening ceremony was held at Doha’s Al Bayt Stadium, which can hold roughly 60,000 people. One of the seven members of the South Korean rock band BTS, Jungkook, put on an incredible performance during the opening ceremony. In addition, Fahad Al Qubaisi, a local artist, witnessed the fire.

    The FIFA World Cup, which is taking place right now and will last for roughly a month, features 32 teams in all, including the current champion France. There are eight groups of four teams

    The group round will allow a total of 16 teams to advance to the quarterfinals, following which the elimination rounds will start. The final game, which is scheduled for December 18, will bring the tournament to a close.

    2022 world cup

    For the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar has established some tough rules. In this episode, beer sales are prohibited inside World Cup venues. The last-minute efforts to see if they could permit the sale of beer to spectators inside the stadium, according to FIFA President G. Infantino, were made.

    Ecuador and host nation Qatar squared off in the tournament’s opening game. In the first game, Ecuador defeated them 2-0. A host team has already dropped the first game in World Cup history for the first time. In the following two games against the Netherlands and Senegal, Qatar will now want to shock both teams. They would prefer not to experience the same World Cup first-round exit as South Africa did. The 2010 World Cup was the only one in which the host nation, South Africa, failed to advance past the group stage.

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