Human Anatomy & Physiology

Human Anatomy & Physiology Question Answer

Human Anatomy & Physiology

(01) What is Gout?

Ans: A metabolic disorder (Gout is a general term for a variety of conditions caused by a build up of uric acid. This buildup usually affects your feet.)

(02) A light of which colour is used to treat neonatal jaundice?

Ans: Blue Light

(03) Identify the part of human stomach which connects/join with o esophagus?

Ans: Cardia

(04) Which one of is infectious Hepatitis?

Ans: Hepatitis A

(05) Which one of the following vaccination is necessary for pregnant lady ?

Ans: Tetanus

(06) what is the chemical name of aspirin?

Ans: Acetyl Salicylic Acid

(07) Which one of the following is known as poor man’s meat?

Ans: Pulses

(08) Which of the following test used to detect typhoid bacillus?


(09) Thalassemia is a congenital?

Ans: Blood disorder

(10) Rice water stools is a symptom of-

Ans: Cholera

(11) Wilms tumors affects which of the following?

Ans: Kidney

(12) Recipient Universal?

Ans: AB blood group

(13) Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are-

Ans: Eating disorder

(14) General side effects of penicillin is-

Ans: Rashes and Itching

(15) Snellen Chart is used for measuring?

Ans: vision (eye sight)

Human Anatomy & Physiology Question Answer

(16) Largest nerve in human body?

Ans: Sciatic Nerve (Lower back to heel of your foot)

(17) which one of the following helps in blood clotting?

Ans: Ca ++

(18) The weight of an infant body becomes twice the birth weight at the age?

Ans: 6 months

(19) Angiography is X Ray visualisation of-

Ans: Blood vessels

(20) MMR  is done for protection against?

Ans: Measles,Mumps And Rubella

(21) Which one of the following is a test for diphtheria?

Ans: Schick Test

(22) The number of chromosome in normal human cell is?

Ans: 46 (23 pairs)

(23) Paracetamol is not given to those patients who are already suffering from?

Ans: Liver diseases or disorder

(24) Which one of the following cancer is associated with high fat diet?

Ans: Colon cancer

(25) Insulin is not administered through oral route because it is destroyed by-

Ans: Git

(26) Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of –

Ans: Vitamin C

(27) Disulfiram drug is used in treatment of-

Ans: Alcoholism

(28) Which is the most effective method of disposal of hospital waste?

Ans: Incineration (process of burning)

(29) What is the basic functional unit of kidney?

Ans: Nephron

(30) The disorder that affects the memory and cognitive function in older person called?

Ans: Dementia

(31) Fertilization process takes place in which tube?

Ans: Fallopian Tube

(32) The first stool of Neonate is called-

Ans: Maconium

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