Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and Phrases

important Idioms and Phrases

(1) Put your best foot forward-  To give your best

(2) Cost an arm and leg- To be very expensive and cost a lot of money

(3) Pull a rabbit out of your hat- To do something surprise

(4) To tie the knot- To get married to someone

(5) Bite off more than u can chew- To take a task boigger than your capacity

(6). Feeling blue- To feel very sad

(7). To take the bull by hornes- To face difficulty boldly

(8) To hang up once boot- To stop playing a sports or to retire

(9) To chew thw cud- To think deeply

(10) Save for a rainy day- To keep something for future

Idioms and Phrases

(11) Let the cat out of the bag- Disclose a secret that was supposed to be kept a seceret

(12) Cut from the same cloth- To be similar

(13) Chip off the old block- To be as good as your parents

(14) Paying through the noise- Paying more than the birth

(15) Casting pearls before swine- To give reward to the undeserving

(16) At degree drawn- To bitterly hostile to one another

(17) Make both ends meet – Earn just enough money to live on

(18) To flag a dead horse- Waste energy on a lost cause

(19) To put the card befor the horse- To do the thing in a wrong way

(20) Be in a tight corner- In a very difficult situation

(21)  To cry for the moon- Asked for the impossible   

(22) Cock and bull story- Made up story that one should not believe

Idioms and Phrases




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