Important Facts About Human Body

 Facts About Human Body

Longest Bone Femur (Thigh Bone)
Smallest Bone Stapes
Largest Gland Liver
Largest Endocrine Gland Thyroid Gland
Longest Cell Neuron
Largest Artery Aorta
Largest Vein Venacava (Interior)
Longest Nerve Sciatic
Largest Muscles Gluteus Maxeimus
Smallest Muscles Stapedius
Maximum Power Of Regeneration Liver
Total no. of Muscles 639
pH of Bile 7.7
pH of Saliva 7.2
Largest Organ Skin
Busiest Organ Heart
pH of Urine 6.0
pH of Stomach 1.4
pH of Blood 7.4
Total no.of Bone 206 (Male) 208 (Female)
pH of Pancreatic Juice 8.5
Life Span of RBC 120 Days
No. of RBC in Male 5 to 5.5 mill/mm3
No. of RBC in Female 4.5 to 5 mill/mm3
No. of WBC 5,000 to 400000/mm3
No. of Platelets 200000 to 400000/mm3
Smallest Endocrine Gland Pituitary Gland
Volume of Blood 5-6 litre
Normal Blood Pressure 120/80 mmhg
% of Haemoglobin in Male 14-16 g/100 cc
% of Haemoglobin in Female 12-14 g/100 cc
Universal Donor Blood Group O
Universal Acceptor Group AB
Body Temperature 98.4F
Weight of Brain 1400gm
No. of Cranial Nerves 12 pairs
No. of Spinal Nerves 31 pairs
Rate of Heartbeats 72/min
Strongest Muscles Tongue

 Facts About Human Body


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