JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A

JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A 

JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A


(1) MS-DOS stands for-

Ans: Microsoft Disk Operating System

(2) Which MS DOS command restores the latest file deleted from MS DOS file system?


(3) C:\> indicates-

Ans: that the Dos is ready to receive commands

(4) Which Dos command is used to create a text file?

Ans: Copycon

(5) When did MS DOS released?

Ans: 1981

(6) All development activities on MS DOS ceased in the year?

Ans: 2000

(7) Which command in MS DOS is used to clear screen contents?

Ans: CLS

(8) Which MS DOS command creates a new copy of the file and deletes the source file?


(9) The technique permits us to combine multiple commands on a single commands is known as-

Ans: Piping technique

(10) Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file-

Ans: chkdsk

(11) If you need a duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

Ans: Diskcopy 

(12) If you don’t know the current time, which command will you use to display?

Ans: Time

(13) Which command lists the contents of current directory of a disk?

Ans: Dir

(14) Which command creates a directory or subdirectory?

Ans: Mkdir, Md

(15) Which command is use to delete the directory that is empty?

Ans: RD

(16) Which command displays current directory name or change from one to another?

Ans: chdir,Cd

(17) Which command is use to see the disk volume label?

Ans: Vol

(18) Which command is use to see the version?

Ans: Ver

(19) Which command can we use to create the disk’s, tracks and sectors?

Ans: Format

(20) Which command display the name of files in sorted order?

Ans: Dir/o:n

JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A

Computer Questions

(1) Which topology is used in Ethernet?

Ans: Bus topology

(2) what is the full name of modem?

Ans: modulator-demodulator

(3) What does xp mean in windows xp?

Ans: “eXPerience”

(4) In which language does the computer work?

Ans: Machine language

(5) Which part of the computer is used for calculation and comparison?

Ans: ALU (arithmetic logic unit)

(6) If the computer has more than one processor, what will it be called?

Ans: Multiprocessor

(7) Whose internal command is Time.type.dir?

Ans: DOS (Disk Operating System)

(8) When did internet start in india?

Ans: 15 August 1995

(9) What is the full form of URL?

Ans: Uniform Resource Locator

(10) What is Assembler?

Ans: Assembler converts assembly language to machine language

(11) Who is the founder of Email:

Ans: Ray Tomlinson

(12) What is full form of CAD?

Ans: Computer aided design

(13) Which generation is known by the invention of integrated circuit?

Ans: Third generation

JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A

(14) 1024 mega byte equal to-

Ans: Giga byte

(15) How many kilobytes make 1 mega byte?

Ans: 1024

(16) When did UNIX developed?

Ans: 1969

(17) What is the main language of UNIX?

Ans: Assembly language

(18) The computer can not boot if it does not have…?

Ans: Operating system

(19) What are the two major file systems in microsoft windows?

Ans: FAT32 (File Allocation Table 32), NTFS (New Technology File System)

(20) What is the purpose of booting the system?

Ans: Load the operating system

(21) What is UBUNTU?

Ans: Operating system

(22) Which organization was started internet service in india?

Ans: VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited)

(23) What is full form of TCP?

Ans: Transmission control protocol

(24) LCD stands for-

Ans: Liquid Crystal Display

(25) PNG stands for-

Ans: Portable Network Graphics

JOA-IT MS-DOS/Basic-Computer Q/A


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