JOA IT Questions Paper Set 2

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2


JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2 -JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2

1. The primary goal of a computer system is to turn data into

(A) ideas (B) suggestions (C) information (D) reports

2. In which generation of computers did multiprogramming start ?

(A) First generation (B) Second generation

(C) Third generation (D) Fourth generation

3. Which is the smallest of the following computers ?

(A) Laptop (B) Notebook (C) Desktop (D) Workstation

4. Generally which button of the mouse is used for OK ?

(A) Left (B) Right (C) Middle (D) Wheel

5. Which device can understand difference between data and programs ?

(A) Input device (B) Output device (C) Memory (D) Microprocessor

6. Which of the following is a part of the system unit ?

(A) Floppy disk (B) Monitor (C) CD-ROM (D) CPU

7. An electronic path that connect one part of computer to another is

(A) Logic gate (B) Serial port (C) Modem (D) Bus

8. Which of the following computer languages is appropriate for commercial

purpose ?

(A) Pascal (B) Cobol (C) Basic (D) Fortran

9. The smallest unit of computer memory is called

(A) Byte (B) Bit (C) Megabyte (D) None of these

10. A compiler translates a program written in a high level language into

(A) machine language (B) an algorithm

(C) a debugged program (D) None of these

11. In MS-DOS, the command that is used to clear the screen is

(A) CIS (B) Clear (C) Clear screen (D) Wipe

12. When more computers are connected at one place, it is called


13.The most important or powerful computer in a typical network is

(A) Network station (B) Network client

(C) Network server (D) None of these

14. An alternate name for the completely interconnected network topology is

(A) Mesh (B) Star (C) Tree (D) Ring

15. A word in a web page, that when clicked, opens another document is

(A) anchor (B) URL (C) hyperlink (D) reference

16. When you cut or copy information, it gets place in the

(A) Clipart (B) Clipboard (C) Internet (D) Motherboard

17. Which type of file is created by word processing programs ?

(A) Database file (B) Storage file

(C) Worksheet file (D) Document file

18. Which of the following device used ‘set of beads’ to represent the unit of data ?

(A) ENIAC (B) EDVAC (C) Abacus (D) MARK-1

19. ‘Expert system’ is the characteristic of which generation of computer ?

(A) First generation (B) Second generation

(C) Third generation (D) Fifth generation

20. The flow and timing of data to and from the microprocessor is regulated by

(A) Control pins (B) Address pins (C) Data pins (D) Power pins

21. Which of the following is an example of an input device ?

(A) Monitor (B) Scanner (C) Printer (D) Speaker

22. Which of the following devices produce the best quality graphics reproduction ?

(A) Laser printer (B) Inkjet printer (C) Plotter (D) Dot matrix printer

23. Which port can also used to connect two computers to transmit files ?

(A) Serial port (B) Parallel port (C) AGP port (D) Firewire port

24. What is the main folder on a storage device called ?

(A) Platform (B) Interface (C) Root directory (D) Device driver

25. Which of the following memories has the shortest access time ?

(A) RAM (B) ROM (C) Cache memory (D) Magnetic core memory

26. Which of the following is a binary number ?

(A) 36 (B) 10 (C) 45 (D) 29

27. Floating point representation is used to store

(A) Boolean values (B) Real integers

(C) Whole numbers (D) All of these

28. Software is generally classified into, which type of software ?

(A) System software (B) Utility software

(C) Application software (D) All of these

29. Which of the following is/are called low level language(s) ?

(A) Machine language (B) Assembly language

(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

30. A translator is best described as

(A) an application software (B) a system software

(C) a hardware component (D) None of these

31. Proprietary software is owned exclusively by

(A) a single company (B) sharing mode

(C) a single user and freely (D) None of these

32. What is the name given to the process of initializing a micro-computer with its

operating system ?

(A) Cold booting (B) Booting

(C) Warm booting (D) None of these

33. The program in the operating system that does processor management is called

(A) Traffic controller (B) Dispatcher

(C) Processor scheduler (D) Job scheduler

34. Which of the following is not the type of real time operating system ?

(A) Hard real time operating system

(B) Soft real time operating system

(C) Complex real time operating system

(D) None of these

35. Which type of commands in MS-DOS needs additional files for their

execution ?

(A) Internal commands (B) External commands

(C) Batch commands (D) None of these

36. In MS-Word, changing the appearance of a document is called

(A) Proofing (B) Editing (C) Formatting (D) All of these

37. Which command is used in MS-Excel to calculate the total characters in a cell ?

(A) Len (B) Length (C) Mid (D) Sid

38. Charts in MS-Excel are constructed with

(A) data points (B) data series (C) data elements (D) Both (A) and (B)

39. Which PowerPoint feature will you use to apply motion effects to different objects of a slide ?

(A) Slide transition (B) Slide design

(C) Animation objects (D) Animation scheme


JOA IT Questions Paper Set-
JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2

40. Which of the following is a type of database user ?

(A) Application programmer (B) Database Administrator

(C) End user (D) All of these

41. Which of the following is not a type of data model ?

(A) Hierarchical Model (B) Network Model

(C) Relational Model (D) Abstract Model

42. Microsoft Access is an example of

(A) Computer (B) CPU (C) Device (D) None of these

43. In MS-Access, Text data type may contain maximum character of

(A) 255 character (B) 256 character

(C) 1064 character (D) No limit

44. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called

(A) Bus network (B) Ring network (C) Star network (D) All of these

45. A machine that connects two or more electronic mail systems and transfers

messages between them is called

(A) Bridges (B) User agent (C) Mail gateway (D) None of these

46. In OSI Model, which of the following layers decide the path of data ?

(A) Physical (B) Application (C) Network (D) None of these

47. A website is a collection of-

(A) programs (B) graphics (C) algorithms (D) None of these

48. Which of the following is not a part of E-mail address ?

(A) Username (B) Domain name (C) Protocol (D) All of these

49. Which of the following is used to write web pages ?


50. Software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating systems are known as

(A) Security patches (B) Security repairs

(C) refresh patches (D) None of these

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2-JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2

51. A virus that can delete antivirus software is called a

(A) consortium (B) vaccine (C) retrovirus (D) None of these

52. Encapsulation is also known as

(A) Information hiding (B) Data abstraction

(C) Data management (D) None of these

53. The internet can not directly be used for………….

(A) Management of databases (B) Using social media (C) opening website (D) searching for information

54. Which of the following is not a medium for communication of data?

(A) TCP Cable (B) Air (C) Fibre optics cable (D) Coaxial Cable

55. Which of the following is not true about a computer?

(A) It accepts inputs from the user

(B) It processes the data

(C) It accepts outputs from the user

(D) It can store data

56. Which of the following is not a valid file name in DOS?

(A) STOCK (B) 6Files (C) Sirname (D) Name2

57. Which of the following is a default addressing mode in a worksheet in Microsoft Excel?

(A) Relative (B) Absolute (C) Mixed (D) All of those

58. The graphical user interface is associated with………..

(A) Windows

(B) A pointing device

(C) Common look and feel

(D) All of the above

59. Which of the following is not associated with Microsoft Excel?

(A) Worksheet (B) Notesheet (C) Rows (D) Columns

60. HDD stands for……..

(A) Hierarchical Data Drive (B) Hierarchical Disk Drive

(C) Hard Disk Drive (D) Hard Data Drive

61. A file created in Microsoft Word will be stored with an extension name of…………

(A) document (B) docs (C) docx (D) None of these

62. A file created in Microsoft Excel will be stored with an extension name of…………

(A) prts (B) prtx (C) ppts (D) pptx

63. The rows of table in a database are also known as………..

(A) Record (B) Fields (C) Columns (D) Attributes

64. Each coloumn in a table in a database represents………..

(A) Foreign Key (B) Name of the entity (C) Attribute (D) None of these

65. Which of the following terms is not related to databases?

(A) Super key (B) Formula key (C) Primary Key (D) Foreign Key

66. Which of the following is not associated with the ‘font’ options in Microsoft Excel?

(A) Text Alignment (B) Bold (C) Italic (D) Underline

67. In reference to computers, the name ‘Intel’ is related to the manufacture of…………

(A) Hard Disk Drive (B) Pen Drive (C) CD-ROM Drive (D) Microprocessor

68. Which among the following has the highest storage capacity?

(A) CD-ROM (B) Hard Disk (C) DVD (D) Pen Drive

69. Which among the following statement is false?

(A) The keyboard is an input device

(B) The mouse is an output device

(C) The led screen is an output device

(D) Hard disk is use to store data permanently

70. Which among the following is not a key available on the keyboard of a normal PC?

(A) ~ (B) ^ (C) Home (D) Stop

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2-JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2

71. Under which of the following catagories of networks, the internet we normally use these days, Falls?

(A) Storage Area Network (B) Metropolitan Area Network

(C) Wide  Area Network  (D) Local Area Network

72. ‘Encryption’ in cyber world means

(A) Cyber theft

(B) decoding some one’s personal data

(C) algorithmic alteration of password into scrabbled data to prevent access

(D) None of these

73. Who is the father of Super Computer?

(A) Martin Cooper (B) Lord Kelvin

(C) Seymour Cray (D) None of these

74. Which one of the following computer languages is not the procedureoriented language?

(A) C-language (B) FORTRAN (C) COBOL (D) Simula

75. Which one of the following applications uses the UNIX as an operating system ?

(A) Internet servers (B) Mobile devices (C) Work station (D) All of these

76. Which one of the following internet protocol version is the most deployed internet layer protocol ?

(A) IPv2 (B) IPv4 (C) IPv8 (D) None of these

77. What is computer firewall ?

(A) It is software or hardware-based program to protect the personal computer from crash due to bugs.

(B) It is software or hardware-based program to protect against threats and make the internet network secure.

(C) It is software or hardware-based program to enhance the speed of the personal computer.

(D) All the statements given above are correct.

78. What is the Super Cookie ?

(A) It is a cookie that replicates after it is erased from the browser’s site.

(B) It is a cookie with a long life span.

(C) It is a cookie with a public suffix domain.

(D) None of these

79. Which one of the following microprocessors is the world’s first commercially available microprocessor ?

(A) Niagara (B) Niagara-2 (C) Intel 8008 (D) Intel 4004

80. Most commonly used operating system in the super computers is

(A) Mac OS (B) Unix OS (C) Linux OS (D) None of these

81. Who is the father of Computer Science ?

(A) John Moore (B) Adam Osborne (C) Neal Stephenson (D) Alan Turing

82. A device that prints one chracter at a time is known as….

(A) Laser Printer (B) Line Printer (C) Character Printer (D) Dot Matrix Printer

83. The third generation of computer covers the period….

(A) 1971-1982 (B) 1982-1994 (C) 1959-1964 (D) 1965-1971

84. In Ms-Word Function of ‘ctrl+X’ is…….

(A) Delete selected text (B) Copy selected text

(C) Undelete deleted file (D) Save File

85. Where is RAM located?

(A) Expansion Board (B) External Drive (C) Motherboard (D) All of above

86. The contents of information are stored in…..

(A) Memory data register (B) Memory Address register

(C) Memory Arithmetic register (D) Memory Access Register

87. Which of the following is a storage device?

(A) Floppy discs (B) hard disk drive (C) Optical disc (D) All of the above

88. Software you can use to create a budget is called _______ 

(A) word processing software    (B) graphics software 

(C) utility software (D) spreadsheet software

89.  Which property is supported by all data types available in MS Excel

(A) Required (B) Indexed (C) Caption (D) Input mask

90. The linking of computers with a communication system is called

(A) Networking (B) Pairing (C) Interfacing (D) Assembling

91. Transmission of computerized data from one location to another is called

(A) Data transfer (B) Data flow (C) Data management (D) Data communication

92. Which of the following is not related to the processor of a computer?

(A) Dual Core (B) i5 (C) Celeron (D) Android

93. Where was the first use of computers in India?

(A) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

(B) Head Post Office New Delhi

(C) Head Post Office Bangalore

(D) Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata

94. Computer literacy means:

(A) Writing computer programs

(B) Computer error correction

(C) Knowledge of computer performance

(D) Know the working of the computer

95. Avast is an example of:

(A) Anti virus (B) Virus (C) Video editor (D) None of these

96. Web Cam is an:

(A) Input Device (B) Output device  (C) Processing Device (D) None of these

97. What is SMPS?

(A) Switched mode power supply

(B) Setteled mode packet supply

(C) Setteled mode power supply

(D) None of these

98. Linux is an OS based on …….


99. Which of the following is used to close a tab on a browser?


100. Computers use the _______ Number system to store data and perform calculations?

(A) Binary (B) Decimal (C) Octal (D) None Of These

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2-JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2-JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2

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