JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3


JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-2 -JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3

Internet Usage And Computer Network-

(1) What is the internet?

(A) A folder on your computer that stores important files

(B) A Type of web browser

(C) A global network of computers and electronic devices

(D) A global collection of different websites

(2) Which of the following can you do online? Select all that apply.

(A) Pay bills and manage bank accounts

(B) Send and receive email and instant messages

(C) Use search engines to find information

(D) Watch movies and TV shows

(E) All of these

(3) Which of the following is NOT a web browser?

(A) Chrome (B) Windows (C) Firefox (D) Edge

(4) When talking about the Web, “link” is an abbreviation for ________.

(A) hyperlink (B) blink (C) chain-link (D) superlink

(5) What are browser tabs mainly used for?

(A) Ensuring that your personal information cannot be seen by hackers

(B) Opening multiple webpages in the same browser window

(C) Viewing two webpages side-by-side

(D) Selecting a Wi-Fi network to connect to

(6) What is a router used for?

(A) Providing power to the computer

(B) Ensuring that your personal information is secure

(C) Connecting several devices to a single Internet connection

(D) Creating driving directions

(7) If a file is stored in the cloud but you want to copy it to your computer, you’ll need to ________ it.

(A) bookmark (B) print (C) upload (D) download

(8) What is Wi-Fi?

(A) A type of sound card

(B) A wireless network connection

(C) An extra-wide computer case used by servers

(D) A type of software that scans for viruses

(9) A browser is an HTTP___________

(A) Client (B) Server (C) Agent (D) None of these

(10) In HTTP, the message sent from the client to the server is called a_______________

(A) Response (B) Request (C) Demand (D) None of the above

(11) In Electronic cash payment-

 i. A customer withdraws “coins” in various denominations signed by the bank
ii. the bank has a database of issued coins
iii. the bank has a database of spent coins
iv. the bank can not trace customers

(A) i,ii  (B) i,ii,iii  (C) i,ii,iii,iv  (D) ii,iii,iv

(12) The equipment needed to allow home computers to connect to the Internet is called a…..

(A) Modem (B) Gateway (C) Monitor (D) Peripheral


(13) The process of keeping addresses in memory for future use is called……

(A) Caching (B) Resolving (C) Routing (D) None of the above

(14) The server on the Internet is also known as a-

(A) Hub (B) Repeater (C) Gateway (D)Host
(15) A user can get files from another computer on the Internet by using-

(16) The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was:

(A) NSFnet (B)ARPANET (C) Vnet (D) Both (A) and (B)

(17) Which of the following protocols is used for WWW ?

(A) ftp (B) w3 (C)http (D) all of the above
(18) The first page that you normally view at a Website is its:
(A) Home page (B) Master page (C) First page (D) None of the above

(19) Voice mail, E-mail, Online service, the Internet and the WWW are all example of……

(A) Computer categories (B) Connectivity (C) Telecommuting (D) None of the above
(20) The size of an IP address in IPv6 is _________
(A) 32 bits  (B) 64 bits  (C) 128 bits  (D) 265 bits
(21) Which one of the following is not used in media access control?
(A) ethernet (B) digital subscriber line (C) fiber distributed data interface (D) packet switching
(22) Which of the following protocols is used in the internet?
(A) HTTP  (B) DHCP  (C) DNS  (D) DNS, HTTP and DNS
(23) The structure or format of data is called ___________
(A) Syntax (B) Semantics (C) Struct (D) Formatting
(24) When collection of various computers seems a single coherent system to its client, then it is called _________
(A) computer network (B) distributed system (C) networking system (D) mail system
(25) Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in ________
(A) broadcast network (B) unicast network (C) multicast network (D) anycast network
(26) A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called ________
(A) protocol architecture (B) protocol stack (C) protocol suite (D) protocol system
(27) Which of the following networks extends a private network across public networks?
(A) local area network (B) virtual private network (C) enterprise private network (D) storage area network
(28) NIC stands for :
(A) Network interchange card
(B) Network interface cable
(C) National interchange cable
(D) Network interface card
(29) NIC used for:
(A) to connect the computer to a network
(B) to hack a computer
(C) Create backup
(D) Help users to open a file

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3

(30) IPV4 stands for:
(A) Internet prototype version 4
(B) Interanet prototype version 4
(C) Internet protocol vision 4
(D) Internet protocol version 4
(31) IPV4 Address is:
(A) 8 bit  (B) 16 bit (C) 32 bit (D) 64 bit
(32) DNS stands for:
(A) Dynamic network service  (B) Domain network service
(C) Domain Name System  (D) Domain network system
(33) OSI stands for:
(A) Operating System Interconnection
(B) Operation System Interconnection
(C) Open Secure Interconnection
(D) Open System Interconnection
(34) How many layers in OSI reference model?
(A) 5 LAYER  (B) 6 LAYER  (C) 7 LAYER (D) 8 LAYER
(35) Router operates in which layer of OSI reference model?
(A) Physical layer (layer-1)  (B) Network layer (layer-2)
(C) Transport Layer (layer-3)  (D) Application layer (layer-7)
(36) What is BUS in BUS Topology?
(A) Bus is a computer
(B) Bus is a Network device
(C) Bus are the servers
(D) Bus is the main cable
(37) Network layer of OSI Model lies between:
(A) Application layer and session layer
(B) Transport layer and data-link layer 
(C) Presentation layer and Transport layer
(D) None of these
(38) The SMTP protocol comes in which the layer of the OSI model?
(A) Physical layer
(B) Network layer
(C) Transport layer
(D) Application layer
(39) SMTP is a connectionless protocol?
(A) True
(B) False
(40) Which one of the following is a valid email address?

(D) banwarilal@books

JOA IT Questions Paper Set-
JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3

JOA-IT Questions-Paper Set-3

HTML Question for JOA IT exams-

(1). HTML stands for-

(A) Hyper Text Markup Language
(B) Hyper Tell Markup Language
(C) Hyper Tool Markup Language
(D) Hyper Trace Markup Language

(2) What is HTML?

(A) HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages
(B) HTML describes the structure of a Web page  and consists of a series of elements
(C) HTML elements tell the browser how to display the content
(D) All  of these

(3) What declaration is used to defines that this document is an HTML5 document?

(A) <html>
(B) <htm>
(C) <head>
(D) <!DOCTYPE html>

(4) Which element is the root element of an HTML page?

(A) <title>
(B) <header>
(C) <html>
(D) <!DOCTYPE html>

(5) What information contains in the <head> element of the HTML page?

(A) meta-information
(B)  specify title for HTML page
(C) defines the document’s body
(D) None Of these

(6) <title> element is used to specify –

(A) Hyperlinks
(B) Lists
(C) Title for the HTML page
(D) Title for website URL

(7) In which part of the element content is visible to us?

(A) <body>
(B) <header>
(C) <menu>
(D)  <footer>

(8) For large heading which element is used-

(A) h1
(B) h2
(C) h3
(D) h4

(9) Which is the least important tag?

(A) h1
(B) h2
(C) h5
(D) h6

(10) www invented by-

(A) Dave Raggett
(B) Tim Berners-Lee
(C) Charles Babbage
(D)  All of them

(11) HTML invented by-

(A) Charles Babbage
(B) Tim Berners-Lee
(C) Dave Raggett
(D) None of these

(12) In which year Tim Berners-Lee invented html-

(A) 1991
(B) 1993
(C) 1995
(D) 1989

(13) HTML+ invented by-

(A) Charles Babbage
(B) Tim Berners-Lee
(C) Dave Raggett
(D) None of these

(14) In which year Dave Raggett invented html-

(A) 1991
(B) 1993
(C) 1994
(D) 1995

(15) What name given to the HTML file, when we save it?

(A) .htm
(B) .html
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of these

(16). <p> tag defines-

(A) Poetry
(B) Strong words
(C) Paragraph
(D) Panel

(17). By which tags we can give links in HTML?

(A) <a>
(B)  <li>
(C) <ol>
(D)  None of these

(18) “href” attribute specify-

(A) Image Destination
(B) Page destination
(C) Link destination
(D) None of these

(19). HTML images are defined with the <img> tag,with this “src” <img src> is used, “src” specify-

(A) Alternative text
(B) colour source
(C) Main source of Page
(D) Source file 

(20) If we have to inspect the source code of any website then which short-key are used?

(A) Ctrl+U
(B) Ctrl+Shift+I
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of these

(21). Which symbol is used to end the tag?

(A).  /
(B).  ?
(C).  !
(D).  &

(22). Which is correct regarding HTML attributes?

(A). All HTML elements can have attributes
(B). Attributes provide additional information about elements
(C). Attributes are always specified in the start tag, usually come in name/value pairs
(D).  All of these

(23). Which tag defines a hyperlink HTML?

(A). <oi>
(B). <li>
(C). <src>
(D).  <a>

(24). what does the “alt” attribute defines in HTML?

(A). Image attribute
(B). Alternative text 
(C). Bold text
(D). Strong text

(25). Which attribute is used to add styles to an element?

(A). class attribute
(B). id attribute
(C). style attribute
(D). None of these

(26). Which attribute is used inside the <html> tag, to declare the language of the Web page?

(A). title attribute
(B). lang attribute
(C). href attribute
(D). meta attribute

(27). According to HTML for Horizontal rules which tag define a thematic break in an HTML page?

(A). <hr>
(B). <br>
(C). <pre>
(D). None of these

(28). According to HTML , which tag define a line break in an HTML page?

(A). <br>
(B). <hr>
(C). <pre>
(D). Both A and B

(29). HTML <pre> element defines-

(A). Preformatted text
(B). Special character
(C). Vertical text
(D). None of these

(30). If we want to show a poem in one line in HTML, then which tag is used?

(A). <pre>poem</pre>
(B).  <h3>poem</h3>
(C).  <p> poem</p>
(D).  None of these

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