Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers
                                                Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

As an injured victim claiming a truck accident, You require a Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers with experience.

Learn About Truck Accidents and the Role of a Lawyer.

A truck is a type of motor vehicle used for carrying cargo, certain payloads, or other practical tasks.

The size, power, and configuration of trucks vary widely. Smaller variations might share some mechanical components with some cars.

But some commercial truck designs are suitable for pairing with specialist machinery.

Examples include suction excavators, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and concrete mixers.

Other truck varieties, including semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and tractor-trailers, transport supplies and food from one region of the nation to another.

The likelihood of truck accidents rises when there are more of these commercial vehicles on the road.

These huge trucks could cause fatalities or severe injuries in collisions with smaller passenger cars.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Every accident has negligence as its primary cause, whether it involves a passenger car or a commercial motor vehicle.

Accidents occur when drivers disregard the rules of the road. Here are a few of the frequent causes of truck accidents in Dallas.

Drunken Driving:

The legal limit for commercial truck drivers is 0.04% blood alcohol content. Texas is one of the states where this is the law.

Drinking and driving impairs a person’s cognitive function and slows their reflexes.

They are unable to respond in time to avert a collision as a result.

Driving Distraction:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that every day in the United States, eight individuals are fatally injured in collisions that may have been caused by a distracted driver.

There are three types of distracted driving: cognitive, manual, and visual.

Anything that causes you to take your eyes from the road is a visual distraction.

Anything you do with your hands off the steering wheel constitutes a manual distraction.

Cognitive distractions are caused by ideas and behaviours that demand mental effort.

Commercial truck drivers must always maintain their focus on the road due to the size and effort of the vehicles.

Over Speeding:

Trucks are large and therefore difficult to stop while travelling at a high speed.

At 65 miles per hour, it takes a typical passenger car around 300 feet to stop.

However, at 65 mph, a fully loaded commercial truck’s stopping distance is around 525 feet.

Compared to a passenger automobile, the latter has 225 extra feet.

Truck drivers must therefore always adhere to the legal and posted speed limit.


One of the main factors contributing to commercial truck accidents is fatigued driving.

Transporting products and food requires a lot of time on the road for truck drivers.

They can experience traffic or a mechanical issue that causes their trip to be delayed.

They thereby exceed the recommended 15 hours of driving time.

This leads to exhaustion, which may result in drowsiness and, ultimately, a collision.

Common Causes Of Truck Accident

– Small vehicles traveling in the blind spot of the truck


-Careless driving

-Improper maintenance

-Due to bad weather

-Because of bad roads

-Mechanical failure

The role of Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

When pursuing a compensation claim, it is essential to have an accomplished legal team on your side.

Lawyers provide you with more than just legal counsel.

They negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company while seated at a table.

They have the trial experience to prevail in court if your matter results in a lawsuit.

A trucking accident attorney will also assist you in gathering the necessary proof and hiring qualified witnesses to support your claim.

Because we take cases on a contingency fee basis, you don’t have to be concerned about our legal fees.

It implies that we won’t be compensated until your case is successful.

 Steps Should You Take After a Trucking Accident

Register an accident:

You should stay at the scene of a collision and dial 911. Every available first responder is informed about the accident when the call is made. Inform the police of your version of events when they arrive.

Do not stray from the facts of the collision. Additionally, refrain from naming the responsible party until the investigators have finished their initial investigation.

Find out as soon as you can if the other driver submitted a report when you are seriously hurt and unable to file the report right away.

If they didn’t, you should call the police and report the collision. The police record supports the collision’s occurrence and serves as solid support for your injury claim.

Get recovery for Injuries

People hesitate to seek treatment after an accident due to the high cost of medical care.

It would be beneficial if you did not let this prevent you from receiving the assistance you require.

Even if you spend your own money on therapy, you can still get reimbursed for it in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Gather Evidence

To successfully pursue a compensation claim, you must have pictures of the accident scene, video footage, witness accounts, and an accident reconstruction specialist’s report.

The process of obtaining evidence begins at the scene of the collision, but if your injury prohibits you from doing so, a truck accident lawyer can assist.

Make as soon as you can contact one.

Hire Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

Many strategies are employed by insurance companies and their adjusters to defraud truck accident victims of their compensation.

Personal injury lawyers are familiar with their procedures. The best course of action would be to employ one before filing the truck accident claim.

You can get knowledgeable legal counsel and assistance from an experienced truck accident attorney.

What Compensation You can Get in a Truck Accident?

The more general area of personal injury law, which enables you to file a lawsuit for both compensatory damages and punitive damages, includes truck accidents.

Economic and non-economic damages are the two types of compensatory damages, and they cover:

-Past Present and Future bills

-Property damage

-Pain and suffering

-Lost Income

Punitive damages are used to punish a party who was at fault but do not reimburse you. In addition, in order to be eligible for compensation, you must file a personal injury case within two years of the incident.

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

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