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MS-Excel Questions and Answers

(01) What is MS-Excel?

Ans: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet or a computer application that allows the storage of data in the form of a table.

(02) Which company developed MS-Excel?

Ans: Microsoft

(03) Excel can be used on various operating systems: …..

Ans: Windows, macOS, IOS and Android.

(04) What are the important features of MS-Excel?

Ans: (a) Availability of Graphing tools
(b) Built-in functions such as SUM, DATE, COUNTIF, etc.
(c) Allows data analysis through tables, charts, filters, etc.
(d) The availability of Visual Basic for Application (VBA)
(e) Flexible, workbook and worksheet operations
(f) Allows easy data validation

(05) What do you mean by cells in an Excel sheet?

Ans: The area which falls at the intersection of a column and a row where the information is to be inserted is known as a cell.

(06) What is a spreadsheet?

Ans: Spreadsheets are a collection of cells that help you manage the data. A single workbook may have more than one worksheet.

(07) What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?

Ans: Cell

(08) Which function is not a Function in MS-Excel?

Ans: AVG

(09) Functions in MS-Excel must begin with …..?

Ans: An equal sign

(10) In MS-Excel, multiple calculations can be made in a single formula using?

Ans: Array key

(11) Special function key allows editing the content in a cell in MS-Excel?

Ans: F2

(12)   By which menu, we can make the database of our worksheet data in MS-Excel?

Ans: Data

(13) Workbook is a collection of?

Ans: Worksheet

(14) The…….. feature of MS Excel quickly completes a series of data-

Ans: AutoFill

JOA-IT MS-Excel MS-Word MS-Access

(15) What is Ribbon and where does it appear?

Ans: The Ribbon is basically your key interface with Excel and it appears at the top of the Excel window.

(16) What are Pivot charts in MS Excel?

Ans: MS Excel charts are data visualization tools that help you visualize data in various ways. These charts can be of any type such as Bar, Pie, Area, Line, Doughnut, etc.

(17) What is a Line Chart?

Ans: A-line Graph (also called a Line Chart or Run Chart) is a simple but powerful tool and is generally used to show changes over time.

(18) What type of chart is useful for showing trends or changes over time?

Ans: Line chart

(19) What is sorting?

Ans: Sorting data in MS-Excel rearranges the rows based on the contents of a particular column.

(20) The process of arranging the items of a column in some sequence or order is known as:

Ans: Sorting

(21) Which feature of MS Excel quickly completes a series of data?

Ans: AutoFill

(22) What is the Pie Chart in MS-Excel?

Ans: Pie charts can convert one column or row of spreadsheet data into a pie chart.

(23) What type of chart is useful for comparing parts of a whole?

Ans: Pie Chart

(24) What do you use to create a chart?

Ans: Chart Wizard

(25) How will you graphically represent expenditure in different departments?

Ans: Pie Chart

(26) What type of chart is good for a single series of data?

Ans: Pie Chart

(27) How many sheets are there, by default, when we create a new Excel file?

Ans: 03

(28) An Excel file is generally called an :

Ans: Workbook

(29) What type of chart will you use to compare the performance of sales of two products?

Ans: Column Chart

JOA-IT MS-Excel MS-Word MS-Access


(30) What is MS-Word?

Ans: Microsoft Word is a word processing application.

(32) Which company developed MS-Word?

Ans: Microsoft

(33) The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called?

Ans: Mail Merge

(34) What is Gutter Margin? 

Ans: Margin that is added to the binding side of the page when printing.

(35) which of the following is not an essential component to perform a mail merge operation?

Ans: word fields

(36) The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called?

Ans: Cropping

(37) The space left between the margin and the start of a paragraph is called?

Ans: Indentation

(38) Text-styling feature of MS word is-

Ans: WordArt

(39) We can remove/hide the border of a shape by selecting-

Ans: No Outline

(40) Which files start MS-Word?

(41) which of the following is not available on the ruler of the MS-Word screen?

Center indent

(42) Which function key activates the spelling and grammar dialog box in MS-Word?

Ans: F7

(43) Which is used to create newspaper-style columns in MS-Word?

Ans: Format Columns


(44) Which relationship is not valid in MS-Access?

Ans: Many to Null

(45) The Command Center Of Access File That Appears When You Create Or Open The Ms Access Database File?

Ans: Database Window

(46)  Microsoft Access Is a-


(47) What Are The Columns In A Microsoft Access Table Called?

Ans: Fields

(48) Which  Is Not A Type Of Microsoft Access Database Object?

Ans: Worksheet


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