JOA IT Questions Paper Set

JOA IT Questions Paper Set-

Important JOA IT Questions Paper Set


(1) Who programmed the first computer game ‘Spacewar’ in 1962?

Ans. Steve Russell

(2) Who is known as the father of super computer?

Ans. Seymour cray

(3) Who created the ‘C’ language?

Ans. Dennis Ritchie

(4) When National Association of software and services companies (NASSCOM) was established?

Ans. 1988

(5) who is the father of internet?

Ans. Vint Cerf

(6) The first high level programming language?

Ans. Fortran (John backups for IBM in 1954)

(7) Which one is the first-word processor application?

Ans. word star

(8) Which one is the current fastest supercomputer in India?


(9) India’s first supercomputer PARAM 8000 was installed in?

Ans. 1991

(10) 1 Terabyte (1TB) is equal to?

Ans. 1024 GB

(11) Who first developed the qwerty keypad used in computers and phones?

Ans. Christopher Latham Sholes

(12) Which operating system is developed and used by Apple Inc.?

Ans. Ios

(13) Linus Torvalds develop which operating system?

Ans. Linux

(14) Which one is the first search engine in the internet?

Ans. Archie

(15) Number of bit used by the IPv6 address?

Ans. 128 bit

(16) Which one is the first web browser invented in 1990?

Ans. Nexus

(17) Which programming language is used to create programs like applets?


(18) First computer virus is known as-

Ans. Creeper virus

(19) Which programming is exclusively used for Artificial Intelligence?


(20) Firewall in the computer is used for-

Ans. Security

(21) A dual-layer Blu-ray disc can store data up to how many GB?

Ans. 50 GB

(22) 1024 bit is equal to how many byte ?

Ans. 128 byte

(23) MAC operating system is developed by which company?

Ans. Apple

(24) Where is the headquarter of Microsoft office located?

Ans. Washington

(25) ‘Gif’ is an extension of-

Ans. Image file

(26) Which one is the first fully supported 64-bit operating system?

Ans. Linux

(27) Computer hard disk was first introduced in 1965 by which company?

Ans. IBM

(28) In the Computer world, ‘Trojan’ refer to-

Ans. Malware

(29) Which protocol is used to received e-mail?

Ans. POP3 (and first e-mail sent in 1971)

(30) Which protocol is used to send an email-

Ans. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

(31) Which computer program converts assembly language to machine language?

Ans. Assembler

(32) In which year ‘@’ sign was first chosen for its use in email address?

Ans. 1972

(33) Which one is the latest one from Param super series computer?


(34) Who is the father of Indian supercomputing?

Ans. Vijay Bhatkar

(35) What is the extension type of Excel 2007 files?

Ans. .xlsx

(36) Basic units of Excel spreadsheet where we enter data is called-

Ans. Cell

(37) The maximum number of rows supported by Excel 2003 spreadsheet is and also Excel 2007 is-

Ans. Excel 2003 65,536 and excel 2007 is 10,48576

(38) Which one is the ‘text editor’ for Microsoft Windows?

Ans. Notepad

(39) Which one is the default ‘word processor’ for Microsoft Windows?

Ans. WordPad

(40) What is the maximum size of a word document created?

Ans. 32 mb

(41) What is the maximum number of primary partitions that can be created on a hard-disk?

Ans. 04

(42) What is the binary value of ‘A’?

Ans. 01000001

(43) Which key combination is used to minimize all the open Windows and display in the screen?

Ans. Windows key+D

(44) How many users can access a shared folder simultaneously from a Windows 7 machine?

Ans. 10

(45) Which key combination is used to close and open application in a Windows machine?

Ans. alt+F4

(46) How many total number of function keys in a computer keyboard?

Ans. 12

(47) Which function key needs to press during reboot to enter in safe mode of a Windows?

Ans. F8

(48) Mouse is a what kind of device?

Ans. Input device

(49) Which one is an example of a connectionless protocol?

Ans. UDP

JOA IT Questions Paper Set

(50) A common boundary between two computer systems is known as-

Ans. Interface

(51) Which is not a computer language?


(52) Network interface car (NIC) is generally used for-

Ans. Connectivity

(53) Total number of pins in a traditional parallel part is-

Ans. 25

(54) Which web browser is provided default with a Windows machine?

Ans. IE

(55) Which company first developed the Java programming language?

Ans. Sun microsystems

(56) Which company bought the popular video tele-conferencing Software ‘Skype’?

Ans. Microsoft

(57) Who is known as the founder of the IBM company?

Ans. Thomas J. Watson

(58) What is the full form of PDF?

Ans. Portable document format

(59) Which is the simplest scheduling algorithm?

Ans. FCFS (First Come First Serve) scheduling algorithm

JOA IT Questions Paper Set-
JOA IT Questions Paper Set

(60) Microsoft Office’s  personal information manager is-

Ans. Outlook

(61) Which is not used as secondary storage disk?

Ans. Magnetic disk

(62) Which sheet is a collection of spreadsheet pages?

Ans. Worksheet

(63) Binary System uses the power of-

Ans. 2

(64) The default page size for word document is-

Ans. A4

(65) Which files folder contains viewed web pages?

Ans. Temporary internet files

(66) Total number of pins in serial part is-

Ans.  9

(67) What does the letter ‘S’ stands for in web terminology ‘https’-

Ans. Secure

(68) Which one is the default extension of 2007 Office Word document?

Ans. .docx

(69) Who is the founder of Bluetooth?

Ans. Ericsson

(70) The maximum speed at which the data can be transmitted on each channel of a standard PCM stream is-

Ans. 64 kbps

(71) Which is a direct entry input device?

Ans. Mouse

(72) Repeater function present in which kind of layer?

Ans. Physical layer

(73) Moving processor from the main memory to disk is called-

Ans. Swapping

(74) Basic interface in ISDN refers to the transmission speed of-

Ans. 144 kbps

(75) What is the part member of SMTP?

Ans. 25

(76) What is the part number of POP3?

Ans. 110

(77) IC chips for the computer are usually made up of-

Ans. Silicon

(78) The formula in excel is made up of-

Ans. Arithmetical operators and functions

(79) Which type of file cannot be navigated using clip art Browser?

Ans. mp3

(80) From which toolbar can we change chart type?

Ans. Chart toolbar

(81) Who is the founder of WikiLeaks?

Ans. Julian Assange

(82) The comprehensive software system that builds maintains and provides access to a database is-


(83) ASCII has how many codes?

Ans. 128

(84) What is the limit of characters for a tweet on ‘Twitter’?

Ans. 280 characters

(85) In a personal computer with the Windows operating system, CTRL+ALT+DLT is the combination of keyboards keys that the computer uses can press at the same time for-

Ans. Terminating an application task and rebooting the operating system

(86) In context of Ms-word let a letter of common contents is to be sent to 100 recipients if address of individual recipients is to be added in each letter, will use-

Ans. Mail merge

(87) You can activate a ‘Cell’ in MS Excel by-

Ans. (a) Pressing the tab key

       (b) Clicking the cell

       (c) Pressing and arrow key

(88) In currently open PowerPoint presentation, a new slide is inserted using shortcut key-

Ans. Control + m

(89) Box that identifies the patterns and colours that are assigned to the data series or categories in a chart created in MS-Excel is called?

Ans. Legend

(90) MS-excel function to return the accrued interest for a security that pays interest at maturity is-


(91) Which is not the valid data type in MS-Excel?

Ans.  Character

(92) What is the intersection of a column and row on a worksheet called-

Ans.  Cell

(93) In the context of computers, FAT stands for-

Ans. File Allocation Table

(94) Which list find the location of the files on the disk?

Ans. FAT

(95) Where are cookies stored?

Ans. On the client

(96) To add an internal card to a computer, it must have an open-

Ans. Expansion slot

(97) Which interface transmits one bit at a time?

Ans. Serial interface

(98) Which type of processing speed measurement is used primilarly with supercomputer?

Ans. Flops

(99) Data moves through the network in a structure called-

Ans. Packets

(100) Which device protects the system from hackers?

Ans. Firewall

JOA IT Questions Paper Set-JOA IT Questions Paper Set-JOA IT Questions Paper Set

(101) Errors in computer program are called-

Ans. Bugs

(102) Which American computer company is also known by the name ‘Big blue’?

Ans. IBM

(103) Who invented the mail system and ‘@’ symbol for the address?

Ans. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson

(104) What is the full form of a Li-fi network?

Ans. Light Fidelity

(105) With reference to a computer network, the exact meaning of term VPN is-

Ans. Virtual Private Network

(106) An online discussion group that allows direct ‘Live’ communication is known as-

Ans. Chat group

(107) Connection or link to the other documents or web pages that contain related information is called-

Ans. Hyperlink

(108) Who is known as the father of SMS?

Ans. Matti Makkonen

(109) ‘IOT’ refers to-

Ans. Internet Of Things

(110) A packet of information that Travels between a browser and the webserver is known as-

Ans. Cookie

(111) The device used by banks to automatically read those special members on the bottom of the cheque is known as-

Ans. MICR  (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology)

(112) A computer cannot ‘Boot’ it does not have the-

Ans. Operating System

(113) A compiler that automatically detects parallelism is known as-

Ans. Optimising compiler

(114) The information transfer between CPU and cache is in terms of-

Ans. Words

(115) Magnetic disk is an example of-

Ans. Offline storage

(116) Caches are usually built out of-


(117) Which languages is usually implemented with an interpreter?

Ans. Assembly

(118) In reference to a computer, an assembler is a-

Ans. Program


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